The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
ICM&P 2022 International Conference
on Materials & Processing 2022

Call for papers

Paper submission

Abstract submission

Paper abstracts to ICM&P 2022 should be submitted by 23:59, April 30 May 14, 2022 through the online submission system. The abstract should summarize the entire paper, and be between 100-200 words in length. Each submitted abstract will be reviewed and decision for abstract acceptance will be made.

Abstract Submission (Microsoft Forms)

Full paper submission

Authors of accepted abstracts have to submit full paper for ICM&P 2022 proceedings by July 31 August 10, 2022 through the online submission system. The papers should be written in English and minimum 3 pages with text, figures, tables and references. Detailed instructions on the paper format and submission will be given on the following template. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by reviewers. All accepted papers will be included in the proceedings distributed for participants.

Note 1: The JSME does not request the transfer of copyright for the full paper, and the proceedings will be distributed only to those who have registered to attend the conference.

Template of full paper

Note 2: The file name of full paper should be follow this method.
Files should begin with the abstract number that was assigned by ICM&P2022, followed by an underscore (_), and ending with the first three (3) letters of the corresponding author’s last (family) name. For example, a paper submitted by Takenobu Saka and assigned abstract ID 1 would use the following file name: 001_sak.pdf.

Full Paper Submission

PLEASE NOTE that if there is no full paper submission, the paper will not included in the program.