The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
ICM&P 2022 International Conference
on Materials & Processing 2022

Collaboration Project

Division Collaboration Project

OS Cell Mechanics and Biomaterials (Collaborative Organized Session, Materials and Processing, and Bioengineering Divisions)

Keynote Lecture
11/7 (Mon)10:20-11:00 @ Room A
[Mo‐1A‐1] Flexible cell culture substrates to regulate cellular processes

Tomoko G. Oyama, Kotaro Oyama (National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST)), Hiromi Miyoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Mitsumasa Taguchi (QST)

11/7 (Mon)11:00-11:40 @ Room A
[Mo‐1A‐2] Understanding The Mecahno‐Regulation Of Substrate Stiffness On Rejuvenation Mechanism Of Aging Stem Cells

Thasaneeya Kuboki, Satoru Kidoaki (Kyushu University)

11/7 (Mon)13:20-14:00 @ Room A
[Mo‐2A‐1] Development of PVA Hydrogels for Artificial Cartilage with Superior Lubricity

Seido Yarimitsu, Yoshinori Sawae (Kyushu University)

OS Polymer Matrix Composites (Collaborative Organized Session, Materials and Processing, and Materials and Mechanics Divisions)

Keynote Lectures
11/8 (Tue)10:40-11:20 @ Room A
An integrated methodology for fatigue life prediction of notched carbon fiber
‐reinforced polymer matrix composites under constant and random R‐ratio loadings
Prof. Masamichi Kawai (University of Tsukuba)

11/9 (Wed)10:20-11:00 @ Room A
Estimation of damage and fracture process in a unidirectional fiber
‐reinforced composite by Markov process

Prof. Koichi Goda (Yamaguchi University)