Materials and Processing Division

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99th Chair: Dr. Satoshi Kobayashi
 (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


I would like to announce that I have been appointed as the chairof the 99th Japan Society of Mechanical  Engineers  Materials  and  Processing  Division. Iwould  like  to  work  to  revitalize the  department  with  the  cooperation  of  Yukio  Miyashita, vice-chair, Hayato  Nakatani, divisionsecretary, DivisionSteering Committee members, and members of various technical committees. We will do our best, so we ask for your continued guidance and cooperation.

The  corona diseasefrom  last  year  has  not  seemed  to  subside, and  the  Japan  Society  of Mechanical Engineers has decided to hold various events online until the end of March 2022 (*). I think that many of the various online events last year were fumbling. However, thanks to the efforts of each executive committee, such as the annual convention and divisionconferences, wewerevery happy to be able to hold it safely. On the other hand, I think there were various problems. By sharing these points and giving feedback to this year's online event holding, we would like to improve the service especially to the members who have registered in the division.

At the annual convention held on 9/5 (Sun) -8 (Wed) this year, a large number of projects and organized sessions have been proposed by the division, and these are carefully prepared under the First Technical Committee. In addition, on November 18th (Thursday) and 19th (Friday), a divisiontechnical conferencewill be held online with the efforts of the members of the Second Technical Committee and the Executive Committee. Lectures at the technical conferenceare also subject to various awards. Especially for student members, I think that the award will encourage them to carry out their research activities. We look forward to your active participation.In  January  2022,  Asian  Symposium  on  Materials  and  Processing  will  be  held online with the cooperation of the vice chairMiyashita and Assoc. Prof. Farazila Binti Yusof of Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. It is due to the continuous efforts of the vice chairMiyashita, and I hope that theywill proceed with the plan steadily, but without overdoing it. Furthermore, in November 2022, the 4th Technical Committee and Executive Committee are preparing to hold  the  International  Conference  on  Materials  and  Processing  2022  (ICM&P2022)  in Okinawa under the conference chair Seiichi Hata. An international conference that has been co-sponsored  by  the  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers.  This  is  an  initiative  to  be held in a new watby the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers alone. I strongly hope to hold this event face-to-facein two years, at least in a hybrid manner.

This year, I would like to focus on holding M&P salons and various seminars. Last year, in the midst  of  the  corona  wreck,  I  think  we  gradually  learned  what  and  how  we  could  do  online. Taking advantage of this experience, I am asking the 8th Technical Committee to make a plan, and I have high expectations. Regarding the seminar, there was talk of co-sponsoring with the Computational  Mechanics  Divisionand  the  Fluid  Engineering  Divisionfrom  the  previous year, and we would like to further expand the cooperation between the departments. Speaking of divisioncoordination, we decided to set up a joint session with the Mechanicsof Materials Divisionat a conferencein each other's divisionin the field of composite materials. It will be held in the Strength of Materials Division in 2021 and at ICM&P2022 mentioned above in 2022. This is also a new initiative, but we would like tocooperate as much as possible so that we can succeed.

Also, as pointed out by successive division chairs, I think that the activity of research sections and technical  sectionsis  one  of  the  characteristics  of  this  division.  Currently,  "Technical Section on  High  Performance  Nano-carbon  Composites",  "Technical  Section  on  Disaster Mitigation  and  Sustainable  Engineering",  "Study  Group  on  Molding  of  Polymer-Based Composite  Materials",  "Technical  Section  on  Next  Generation  3D  Printing",  "Technical Section on PD(Particle Deposition) Processes”havebeen set up. We would like to ask the Fifth  Technical  Committee  to  consider  further  revitalization  of  these  activities  and  the establishment of a new technicalsection. We ask the Public Relations Committee to play a major  role  in  disseminating  various  activities  such  as  lectures,  workshops,  and technicalsections that have been considered above. Although it is a very heavy role, I would like to ask for active public relations activities.

Considering the future of the departments and the academic societies, I think it is necessary to  strategically  formulate  future  plans  such  as  the  declining  birthrate  and  aging  population and  the  financial  problems  of  the  academic  societies.  I  would  like  the  Sixth  Technical Committee toconsider future plans over a longer span, including the ideal form of the latest division technical conference. Needless to say, thesis and publishing activities are considered to  be  the  basis  of  academic  society  activities.  There  is  a  report  that  the  number  of  posts increased  due  to  the  corona  disaster  last  year,  but  I  would  like  to  ask  the  7th  Technical Committee to take measures such as speeding up the peer review process.

As  mentioned  above,  I  am  very  sorry  that  the  story  is  not  organized.  In  addition,I  made various requests, but I am aware that I must make the most. I am ready for that. In cooperation with the members of each committee, we will continue to provide more services to everyone involved in the divisionand make efforts so that we are glad that we were registered in this department. We appreciate your support and encouragement.